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TBS Digicon6!

Straits Time, Digitial Life, 24 Nov 2010

“Contained” has won the “Encouragement Award”, at the regional animation contest TBS Digicon6 in Japan! This is the first award that “Contained” had received, after participating in local and overseas animation film festivals.

There are many people we want to thank! (the list is very long)

First of all, we would like to thank MDA (Media Development Authority) for giving us the financial support for both our scholarship and Travel Assistance Grant to attend KROK Animated Film Festival at Moscow.
We want to thank Tan Wei Keong for giving us advised and encouragement in our short film. Because of him, we were able to attend KROK animated festival as a representative.
We want to thank Hera in believing in us. Her expertise in typography was a great help to “Contained”. Both Harry and I are really please with the title design.
I would also want to thanks Ing for giving me advises and encouragement during the early stage of development in “Contained”. She had always been my muse.
We also want to thanks the Professors and friends who have spend their time watching our work in progress animation (which make no sense at all) and give us constructive critiques. Thank you very much.
Lastly, we would also want to thank our friends who came down to support “Contained” despite their busy time schedule. I can still remember my friends who find time to come down for the first screening at Singapore International film Festival despite having their exams and work. Thank you very much. It means a lot to me.
And i want to thanks my friends who came down for Sinema showoff and Singapore Shortcuts as well. thanks!

The newspaper article was really one of the best Birthday gift. Thank you all who have wish me. We will continue to work hard and hopefully, we will be able to pull through our current FYP. “Contained” will be screened again as part of Animation Nation 2010 programme, at 4 Dec 4pm. There will be a QnA = )


26th International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin

has been selected for the International Competition Program at the
26th International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin
The festival will take place at 16 – 21 November 2010 in Berlin

10th Biennial of Animation Bratislava

Contained” has been selected for the
Official Competition
of the International Festival of Animated Films for Children –

10th edition of the Biennial of Animation Bratislava.

The festival will take place in
in October 12 – 16, 2010 at Slovakia!

The Festival’s mission is to present Slovak and foreign animated films for children, provide opportunities for drawing comparisons, evaluate animated film production within an international competition, and support overall development of this genre.

VSFF 2010

“Contained” has been selected to be screen at the
3rd Annual Vancouver Singapore Film Festival!

It has been selected for its darkly comic claymation format. The festival will showcase the best and most recent in Singapore cinema, bringing the Singapore film industry to the forefront in Vancouver.

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival

has been selected to be screened at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival  2010!
It will be incompetition in the International student category!
Programme schedule will be here


Yeah!! We are really excited that “CONTAINED” has been selected for the 7th SINGAPORE SHORTCUTS! It will be screened in the National Museum of Singapore on 1st Aug, along with 2 of my friends from ADM film, PEEP by Wesley Leon Aroozoo and NOBODY’S HOM by Nelson Yeo.  Another friend from ADM film, Muhammad Azhar Mohd. Shukor  who did BAJU has also been selected to be screened on 7th of August.

Free tickets to the 7th Singapore Short Cuts can be collected a week before each weekend’s screening at the National Museum of Singapore’s Stamford Visitor Services Counter. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis, and limited to four tickets per person. Any remaining tickets will be given out at the door on the screening days.

SAT 31 JUL 2010 screening (Tickets for collection from 24 July) |
SUN 1 AUG 2010 screening (Tickets for collection from 25 July) |
SAT 7 AUG 2010 screening (Tickets for collection from 31 July) |
SUN 8 AUG 2010 screening (Tickets for collection from 1 August) |

Saturday 31 July, 2pm | This session is rated PG

AEMAER by Loo Zihan
FOR TWO by Tan Shi Jie
COLD NOODLES by Kirsten Tan
THE RESCUER HERO by Christopher Broe
HOTEL 66 by Anthony Chen

Sunday 1 August, 2pm | This session is rated PG

CONTAINED by Harry & Henry Zhuang
NOBODY’S HOME by Nelson Yeo
PEEP by Wesley Leon Aroozoo
WAITING by Jow Zhi Wei
7th OF JULY by Kimberly Leng

Saturday 7 August, 2pm | This session is rated M18

BAJU by Muhammad Azhar Mohd. Shukor
MOSQUITOES by Sookoon Ang
ONE DAY IN JUNE by Daniel Hui

Sunday 8 August, 2pm | Rating to be advised

Timeless (World Premiere)
The New World
The Glare
I Can’t Sleep Tonight


Hush baby                                Contained

“Contained” and “Hushbaby” by Tan Wee Keong has been selected to be screened at 17th  KROK International animated film festival! We feel so honored to have Contained screened with Hushbaby in the student category in competition. And finally, “Contained” is having its international premiere in Russia.  The festival is held  in Russia on even years and in Ukraine on odd years. And This year, it will be in Russian. The festival will last for 12 days in September and it will take place on a cruise ship Taras Shevchenko, visiting some of the major cities in Russia.
We hope there is more to come!