About Henry Zhuang

Henry Zhuang is an animator who is well verse in both traditional and digital animation. He aspires to explore the different possibility of narrative in animation medium, and believes in finding the balance between form and content. Henry is a recipient of Media Education Scholarship by Media Development Authority and his short film “Contained” have traveled to many International Film Festival and has won the regional “Encouragement Award” at Digicon6 Japan.

Henry started his art practice since polytechnic in Digital Media Design. He is a student in Art Design Media, Nanyang Technological University. He wish to explore the possibilities of animation, hoping that some day, he would bring the audience 1 step closer to his films.

You can download my resume here – HenryZhuang CV


5 responses to “About Henry Zhuang”

  1. Jenny says :

    Hi, I got your contact from a friend – Sumi. I’ll be having my wedding on 12Sept. My fiance and I would like have a cartoon animation to be shown during the banquet. The animation will include a song which a friend composed for us as wedding gift! we would really like to thank her and show her our appreciation, by sharing the song & her blessings with our guests.

    I have this idea in my head…to begin the animation with a short & funny intro of how my fiance & i met and fast forward to dating –> marriage (with a fast pace & fun background music). After which we would like to share blessings from our fren, by showing her singing the song she composed with maybe my fiance & i (all in cartoon) acting according to the lyrics, something like a mini MTV.

    The ending will be happily ever after…Her song is about 1.5 to 2 mins long, so I’m expecting the whole animation to be around 3-5 mins long.

    Will you able to produce the animation for us? A simple 2D animation will be sufficient. And would like to check how much this will cost & the production lead time.

    Thanks alot!!

  2. Maria Gomez says :

    Dear Henry Zhunag,

    We contact with you from Sala Parpalló of Valencia (Spain) (www.salaparpallo.es). We’re an institutional museum of contemporary art which counts with a New Media space in which we programme animation films.

    Among our star programmes we count with For Children, which is an animation season addressed to children that we produce each year during the months of December and January. This season gathers animation works that may be produced with any technique, and it is viewed by thousands of children in our museum and in other Spanish museums which also screen this programme since we make this programme travel.

    Our aim is to approach the animation to the museums and give it the place it deserves among the Audiovisual Arts.

    We get in touch with you to invite you to send us animation short films that you may consider appropriate for our programme addressed to children but that are artistic and experimental at the same time, this is, that they aren’t commercial and are no thought as television series.

    We are also producing another programme called Ways of Loving which includes animation works which talk about the different love relationships. If you also have works that we could include inside this programme, please don’t hesitate in sending them as well.

    We will be very grateful of receiving all of your proposals, though we are really interested in the film titled “Contained”. We would like to review the film and value whether we can include it in our programmes or not.

    Of course we will pay a fee for all of the selected films.

    You can send your DVD’s to the following address:

    María Gómez-Lechón


    C/ Alboraya nº 5

    46010 Valencia


    Hoping we can make an interesting project with your collaboration, we’ll be waiting for your response.

    Kind regards,

  3. henryzhuang says :

    Dear Maria Gomez

    Thank you so much for your interest in our shortfilm! we will submit our short film to you as soon as possible!

    Henry Zhuang

  4. Bella Liu says :

    Dear Henry,

    Hi! this is Bella from HKIFF. we are now programming our 35th festival and would very much like to consider “Contained” for our Short Film Competition. May you please email me so we can have more details for you and Harry?

    thanks and look forward to hearing from you guys soon!


  5. Zarelda Goh says :

    Hello Henry,

    This is Zarelda, a features writer with Her World magazine. I’m keen to interview you and your brother Harry for a story I’m working on. I’d be happy to tell you more about it. Do let me know how I can contact you via phone or email.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    HP: 9116-1816

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