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VSFF 2010

“Contained” has been selected to be screen at the
3rd Annual Vancouver Singapore Film Festival!

It has been selected for its darkly comic claymation format. The festival will showcase the best and most recent in Singapore cinema, bringing the Singapore film industry to the forefront in Vancouver.


AYACC 亚洲青年动漫大赛

Just came back from attending the 3 day AYACC workshop at Guiyang, China. AYACC is an animation & comic event organise to discover young talent, and aims to have exchange with international animators and illustrators. Quite a number of foriegners were invited to Guiyang for the 3 day event.

Guiyang Orchestra for the opening ceremony

AYACC is a popular event in GuiZhou, banners  can be seen along the main road

The place where Singapore held its workshop

The screening gallery…

This is our first time traveling overseas to attend an animation event. I personally think that the opening ceremony is a little too grand compared to the screening venue. But in all, I think it was quite an experience to be in Guiyang.

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival

has been selected to be screened at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival  2010!
It will be incompetition in the International student category!
Programme schedule will be here