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第一次“Our First” – Zida and Shihui wedding animation

第一次 “Our First” is a NON-Commercial animation done as a gift to Zida and Shihui, wishing them a blissfully marriage.  The animation was mainly done by Henry Zhuang, and assisted by Harry Zhuang. Song used in the animation:

Pachabel (Opening Title)

エビフライ-求婚大作战OST ( Scene in school)

I miss you – by Andy Lau (Scene in Zida house)

希望 – 求婚大作战OST (Photo Montage)

As this is a non commercial animation, I have not request permission to use the music in the animation.  This animation is purely for memento purpose, and I have no intention in making wedding animation for monetary sake, only in special circumstances.

The approach of “Our First” was to experiment with how limited animation can bring narrative forward. I tried not to use too many frames of animation, but instead, i introduce subtle movement to make the screen “alive”. This was done by manipulating with camera movement or making certain object move. For example, the light from the flickering screen and the stars on the sky were constantly moving. Due to time constraint, i animated random brush strokes of colors or 4-5 frames, and looped them to create a constant yet subtle movement.

The whole production started right after Zida and Shihui approach me during my Summer holidays in August. I manage to finish one third of the animation before my semester started. But as assignments started to pile up, I had only manage to finish only half of the animation by October. I stopped the whole production and continued it only at 1st of December, after my last paper. Voice recording was then done within an hour. I soon realized that it was impossible for me to finish it singlehandedly and Harry came and offered his help. Harry had suggested to use 3D  so as to have full control of the taxi animation. He created a 3D animatic to have a better visualization of the scene and had modeled, textured and animated the taxi using Maya.  His whole purpose of using 3D was to explore the possibility of blending 3D and 2D together.

Through this whole production that was spread throughout a time frame of four months, I learned the limitations of limited animations and build a certain confident in using a few frames to create movement in animation. The response from the wedding ceremony was good and I was pleased with what I had learned from the process of this animation production.

For now, I have to worry about “Contained”, the stopmotion animation which I did with Harry. We had almost finished  the animation and will touch up some shorts ASAP.