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Finding a way

Situated just outside the Headquarters of the Ministry of Education (MOE) at Buona Vista is a prominent metal sculpture depicting a boy taking a leap of faith into an uncharted realm. The sculpture named “My Way” was designed by a secondary school student, majoring in Science back in the year 2000. It was through an Art enrichment programme organised by the school that gave him his first exposure to the Arts. This boy went on to pursue his passion for the Arts and has produced a number of award winning animated short films. This talented artist is Tan Wei Keong.

Tan Wei Keong is both our friend and mentor. It was through an MDA scholarship gathering that we first got acquainted with him. We studied in the same school and would meet up occasionally to exchange ideas and share our thoughts about animation. He was especially helpful in sharing with us his experiences in animation and also introduce us to the film festival circuit.

“White” marked Tan Wei keong’s debut independent short film. The film is a man exchanging his head for one he deemed to be better. This 2-minute short animated film was produced by animating the man’s facial expressions on paper and then adhering them onto the puppet’s head while animating the puppet. What really impresses me most is “White” simple concept that resonate a bigger message. To us , White is a film that deals with the issue of identity crisis. It examines how one can become disillusioned and loses one’s identity when one become overly preoccupied to meet the standards set by others on oneself. This is depicted in the ending of “White” where the man loses his sense of sight after having a new head.

“Hushbaby” was the next film produced by Tan Wei Keong. We were involved as colourists for the post production of the film. “Hushbaby” has a simple set up: A baby lying on a plain piece of paper living under the protective care of a pair of hands. The infant is force to live in a confined space with his movements restricted. The dilemma of what constitutes care is portrayed in the film as the pair of hands as they constantly redraw the boundaries of what it means to be “safe”, hence blurring the line between right and wrong. “Hushbaby” ends with the baby in stoic silence, seemingly accepting in quiet resignation the small space it is allocated.


In our opinion, both “white” and “hushbaby” explore the dilemmas one has to confront with as one grows up. The desire to pursue what our heart desires as opposed to conforming to ideals that society has predetermined. We both feel that one has to weigh his options and find a balance, and make the most out it. The most challenging part is the very first step. Take the plunge and one will find “my way”.

NE Animation for Admiralty Primary School

This animation was done for a National Education Book launch at Admiralty Primary School. “Lego” is this year’s theme and so we construct a imaginary world build of Lego. This is a non commission project and we did it during our free time. The main goal was to use this short book introduction animation to try out 2D characters on 3D Background images.

Henryzhuang Demoreel

HenryZhuang_Reel 2011

You can download my resume here – HenryZhuang_CV

2nd Singapore Short Film Awards

“Contained” won Best Animation at the 2nd Singapore Short Film Award!
The biggest surprise came when “Contained” won Special Mention for Best Sound!
It was a great night at Substation!

Thank you for all who have helped us in “Contained”
Thank you pre-selection community and the Juries for selecting “Contained”!
Thank you Sindie for the wonderful gallery at Mise En SIN

“Contained” has travel to many places and we are really please with it. I think it is good to end the tour with SSFA!

Thank you! Thank you!

Photo from SINdie!

NTU Interview by Chris

An interview by Chris from NTU. Thanks Chris!

“Starting Point” by Hayao Miyazaki

STARTING POINT 1970 – 1996 Hayao Miyazaki

A book from WeiKeong!!

This book is going to change my view of animation!

Yeah!! Thanks Wei Keong! = )

TBS Digicon6!

Straits Time, Digitial Life, 24 Nov 2010

“Contained” has won the “Encouragement Award”, at the regional animation contest TBS Digicon6 in Japan! This is the first award that “Contained” had received, after participating in local and overseas animation film festivals.

There are many people we want to thank! (the list is very long)

First of all, we would like to thank MDA (Media Development Authority) for giving us the financial support for both our scholarship and Travel Assistance Grant to attend KROK Animated Film Festival at Moscow.
We want to thank Tan Wei Keong for giving us advised and encouragement in our short film. Because of him, we were able to attend KROK animated festival as a representative.
We want to thank Hera in believing in us. Her expertise in typography was a great help to “Contained”. Both Harry and I are really please with the title design.
I would also want to thanks Ing for giving me advises and encouragement during the early stage of development in “Contained”. She had always been my muse.
We also want to thanks the Professors and friends who have spend their time watching our work in progress animation (which make no sense at all) and give us constructive critiques. Thank you very much.
Lastly, we would also want to thank our friends who came down to support “Contained” despite their busy time schedule. I can still remember my friends who find time to come down for the first screening at Singapore International film Festival despite having their exams and work. Thank you very much. It means a lot to me.
And i want to thanks my friends who came down for Sinema showoff and Singapore Shortcuts as well. thanks!

The newspaper article was really one of the best Birthday gift. Thank you all who have wish me. We will continue to work hard and hopefully, we will be able to pull through our current FYP. “Contained” will be screened again as part of Animation Nation 2010 programme, at 4 Dec 4pm. There will be a QnA = )

26th International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin

has been selected for the International Competition Program at the
26th International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin
The festival will take place at 16 – 21 November 2010 in Berlin

Back from KROK!

I will be posting pictures soon!